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IPv4 Exhaustion


The data was obtained by our new IPv6 AS Topology discovery project- Dolphin2. Dolphin2 takes a single probe engine in conjunction with source routing facilities as source IPs and a common set of destination IPs. The destination IPs are generated by simply assigning each prefix we collected from the BGP routing table with host ID 1.

The data we provide for you was obtained during the period of 4/2/2009 to 4/12/2009. It contains 200 source files. For each file, the file name represents the source IP; each source file contains raw traces from the source to all the destinations. For each trace, "des" represents the destination IP and the other interfaces represents the trace started from the first hop(from the source) to the destination IP. Notice that, all the sources we provided for you share more than 1700 common destination IPs, and "***" in the trace is the interface represents interface that does not reply after three-time requests. We assume that it is enough for your analysis and for more data, we need your further description of your aim.


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