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Sigcomm 2008
The organizing committee is delighted to invite you to ACM SIGCOMM 2008, to be held at the Grand Hyatt Regency in Seattle, WA, USA between August 17-22, 2008. SIGCOMM is the flagship annual conference of the Special Interest Group on Data Communications, a special interest group of the Association for Computing Machinery.
ACM 2008
The 10th Asteroids, Comets, Meteors meeting will be held 14-18 July 2008 (with a reception on the 13th) in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and will be hosted by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
The Asteroids, Comets, Meteors (ACM) meeting is the premier international gathering of scientists who study small bodies. The ACM series began in 1983 in Uppsala, Sweden, as a means of bringing together different groups within the asteroid, comet, and meteor communities who do not often have the opportunity to interact. From this first ACM meeting, a regular conference began. Now occurring every three years, it is the pre-eminent meeting for small-bodies research, with attendance usually in excess of 400. The 2008 ACM meeting will be the 10th in the series and will mark the 25th anniversary of the first meeting in Uppsala.
The scope of presentations and discussion is broad, ranging from discovery and cataloguing of objects, to observations of meteor showers by radar, to modeling the gas production of comets, to plans for future asteroid sample returns, and all topics related to asteroids, comets, and meteors. ACM 2008 is expected to bring together experts on small-bodies studies from around the world. It will be the first time this meeting will be held since the spectacular disintegration of comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3, since availability of Stardust samples to the wider research community, since the launch of Dawn, as well as many other significant or anticipated events. ACM 2008 will highlight the research currently being conducted, encourage discussion among researchers in various areas, and identify new avenues of research.
2008 IEEE InfoCom
The 27th Conference on Computer Communications

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