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what is Internet?
The Internet is a vast worldwide network comprised of thousands of smaller interconnected networks; this worldwide network evolved from a project funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The Internet was originally created to help researchers and scientists exchange information quickly and actually prohibited use of the network for commercial purposes.
Today, the Internet has grown dramatically and its users have expanded from research institutions and scientific laboratories to commercial businesses and consumers. The Internet now includes many for-profit Internet Service Providers such as ATTIS. Along with the increase in number of users on the Internet, the quantity of tools that can be used on the Internet has also grown. Now these users on the Internet can not only transfer files in electronic format, they can send messages via electronic mail (e-mail), conduct research using the vast resources of the Internet, hold real-time "talk" sessions with others connected to the Internet, and much more.
what is IPv6?
Internet Protocol Version 6. Next generation version of the internet protocol. Includes improved address space, quality of service and data security over IPv4.
what is topology?
Method of determining spatial relationships in vector data models (tells computer what is inside or outside a polygon or which nodes are connected by arcs). Turns vector nodes, arcs, and polygons into intelligent maps.
What is Dolphin?
Dolphin is the name given to our IPv6 Network Topology Discovery System.We deploy in our research a method of automatic IPv6 topology discovery,which is based on universal IPv6 protocol.In addition,we combine the discovered IPv6 topology information with the discovery time,as well as the geographical information provided by other research groups,such as NetGeo and Otter.
what is as?
An autonomous system (AS) is the unit of router policy, either a single network or a group of networks that is controlled by a common network administrator (or group of administrators) on behalf of an entity (such as a university, a business enterprise, or ISP). An autonomous system is also sometimes referred to as a routing domain. Each autonomous system is assigned a globally unique number called an Autonomous System Number (ASN).

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