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IPv4 Exhaustion

IPv6 Backbone Network Topology (A Map of Ipv6 Internet) 

The IPv6 Group is a part of the State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment(SKLSDE) in BUAA, China.We took up with research on IPv6 backbone network topology discovery,modeling and analysis.

Dolphin is our IPv6 backbone network topology discovery system, based on asynchronous traceroute probe.With the help of Dolphin,we are able to obtain some topological information of the IPv6 backbone network.

Until 2010.10.08 12:00,we have found 1214 ASes.

Kinds of visualization tools we developed faciliates the display of topological infomation and analytical findings. Based on the data collected, we also established IPv6 internet network model to interpret the new metrics of IPv6 internet network topology.And at the same time,we presented some new algorithms in complex network analysis.

Our future work includes measurements on the links,analysis of complex network robustness.

The following pictures displays our recent IPv6 backbone topology discovery and display results.

More pictures ...

Selected Publications

  • Jichang Zhao, Junjie Wu and Ke Xu. Weak ties: Subtle role of information diffusion in online social networks. Phys. Rev. E 82, 016105 (2010).

  • Zhongliang Qiao, Mingming Chen, Ke Xu. Taking Too Many Destinations Can Be Bad for Traceroute Sampling, ICCCN 2010, Zurich, Swizerland, August 2010

  • Xin Zou, Zhongliang Qiao, Gang Zhou, Ke Xu. A logic distance-based method for deploying probing sources in the topology discovery. IEEE GLOBECOM 2009.

  • Jichang Zhao, Ke Xu. Enhancing the robustness of scale-free networks. J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42 (2009) 195003.

  • Bo Xiao, Liandong Liu, Xiaochen Guo, Ke Xu. Modeling the IPv6 Internet AS-level Topology. Physica A 388(2009):529-540

  • More papers ...

    IPv6 Traceroute data

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